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3” Half Round Outlet Punch

Are you still using snips or a drill to cut holes for your drops?  That’s slow and you’re probably wasting a lot of time.  The Petit Punch makes a perfect hole every time and it’s fast and neat.  The quality of the joint you wind up with is better than any other method.  The Petit Punch is a precision machined industrial grade tool.  It’s a major time and money saver.  The punches are heavy duty and almost indestructible in proper use.  You can have it sharpened at any tool shop or just send it back to us and we’ll fix it up like new for a nominal charge. 

The 3” half round punch for use with most 3” half round outlets.

Each Punch comes with Petit No-Slip Grip

Vibration dampening comfort texture grip.
High Impact “racing” red for easy view.
Anti-microbial for personal safety with

a tough easy to clean finish.

Item #HRP3

$204.00   (each)

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